Petroleum Technical and Consulting Services

HPC utilizes a team of independent professionals with expertise and experience in the petroleum industry. Previous projects include;

More About Us

Horizon Petroleum Consultants, Inc. is a US corporation registered in the State of Oklahoma located in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Dr. Jayant D. Shringarpure, President

J.D. Shringarpure, Ph.D. is the President and majority share-holder of HPC since 2008. Dr. Shringarpure has a PH.D. degree in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. He has completed post-doctoral work at Columbia University in New York. Dr. Shringarpure also has a MS degree in Environmental Science from University of San Francisco. His oilfield related expertise includes separation of oil and gas, checmical treatments for oilwells, and effluent treatment plan.

Ms. Helen Puhl, Registered Agent

The office of registered agent of Horizon Petroleum Corporation, Inc. is located at 11063D South Memorial Drive, Ste. #324, Tulsa, OK 74133 US.